“You pinch my heart”


I never draw on my panels with pencil- I move through the image straight away with paint. I make quick concept drawings of the layout in my sketchbook.


I titled this painting “You Pinch my Heart” because while I am working with roses I occasionally get pricked by thorns on my fingers. When this happens, I feel a slight pain traveling up my arm, that presses on my heart, like a pinch.


Flamenco Dancers: A Thrill for the Eyes


Red with a pop of yellow ignite these arrangements. Sometimes the simplicity of one flower type can stop a show- Here you see an arrangement for the bar and several of the centerpieces. I love this red bamboo-like grass. It gives the flowers a frilly edge, while extending the arrangement out farther; making it look $250 not $200.

Book of the Month


As part of my quest to be an informed artist, I am reading a book a month throughout 2015. What first began as many nights of books such as “Emotional Currency”, Ask and it is Given” and “The War of Art”, I wanted something Fiction based and slightly lighter in content. A client, Julie Robinson, who owns Literary Affairs in Beverly Hills, suggested that I read Plainsong, by Kent Haruf. I wanted a writer who could take me away to a whole different experience before I drift off to sleep. I happened to dash into the ULCA thrift shop on my way to the studio and look what I found. You can visit Julie’s website to see which pages are turning this month at: http://www.LiteraryAffairs.net

Feeding the birds


What to do with a bad painting….make bird feeders-It took a few days for them to discover the seed buffet in the tree; now I have squirrels and birds that sound like car alarms outside my studio- If only they could read I would post a sign saying “Squirrels share with your friends and sing your hearts out little birds”