Growing Beyond My Current Situation

Every year I make a vision board to improve my life in some way.  A whole new world opened up to me when I joined the book club-She Reads DTLA. We meet every month Downtown Los Angeles near the Arts District. This particular club, is organized and I also like the idea of discussing the memoirs clear across town. Below are a few of the books I read last year. In addition, we read Mindy Kaling’s “Why Not Me”, (loved this honest portrait of a Hollywood actress’s life) “We’re Going to Need More Wine” (Yuck-I just could not get into that one) “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” By Rebecca Skloot (Fascinating!!!!!) “The Last Black Unicorn” By Tiffany Haddish (She is hilarious and I really liked the format of this book-almost straight dialogue)( Iloved seeing her onstage  at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills-“She ready”) and “The Glass Castle” By Jeannette Walls (a sad story about addiction, tearful.)

vision board. Marisa Murrow

2018 I set aside time every weekend to read and enjoy a simple pleasure. Sometimes I sat in the sun at a neighborhood cafe and other times, I stayed home and made myself a cup of tea. I love to be surrounded by flowers. They are in every room of my home and even at the studio.

The Little Paris Bookshop. Marisa Murrow

And then my art was in RISD XYZ Magazine! Thank you for including me!

RISD. Marisa Murrow


The Art of Possibility.Marisa Murrow

SheReads DTLA Book Club discussion.

Orange is the new black. Marisa MurrowJPG

Art, Books and flowers in the studio

A paris all your own. Marisa Murrow

Brave. teatime. Marisa Murrow

My Life in France. Marisa Murrow. Julia Child

And then I received the Mary Blair Award from Reed Magazine and got my painting on the cover. Inside there is a 5 page write up about my work! I was so excited! Thank you!

California Marisa Murrow





Books and Tea

At the beginning of every year I create a Vision Board. My approach is a complete stream of consciousness. I simply sit in a room with a bunch of friends and flip through tons of magazines tearing out images and words that excite me.

Do you see the photos of a tea cup and the woman sitting outside a cafe. These two photos inspired me to take time every weekend to read and relax. I even joined a book club downtown Los Angeles that meets every month. The photos below are some of these moments I captured throughout the year. I want to share with you a simple pleasure that has added a whole new dimension to my life.

vision board. marisa murrow

Yes! Thank you RISD XYZ for featuring me.  If you are a professional writer or visual artist, I would highly recommend the Vermont Studio Center. A whole month of pure artistic bliss! This invaluable experience has pushed my art to a whole new level-You can see the development on my website under: Flowers

risd. marisa murrow

“My Life In France” by Julia Child was absolutely superb! She is incredibly upbeat and disciplined in her craft. I just loved how she followed her bliss in the kitchen, teaching, writing, cooking, eating and loving on her endlessly supportive husband. The drink I am sipping is a fresh pressed ginger, turmeric, cardamon, cinnamon, cracked pepper almond milk tea.

my life in france. marisa murrow. julia child

Book Club discussion day of Piper Kerman’s “Orange is the New Black”. These ladies are tough and what can I say, I finished reading tis book in a few days! As an artist, I must add that the book cover design is very successful. Simple, clean and modern.

orange is the new black. marisa murrowjpg

“Brave”- This was intense and very Hollywood. We also read “Why Not Me” by Mindy Kaling. Her writing style is silly and identifiable. Oh and then there was “the Last Black Unicorn” by Tiffany Haddish- She is hilarious too! The format is casual; she is in constant dialogue. I really appreciate her enterprising approach to “doing business”.

brave. teatime. marisa murrow

Here I am in my studio reading this book of short stories about writers who visit Paris. A fast read and great for in-between activities.

a paris all your own. marisa murrow

Best in Show! Did you see this phrase on my Vision Board? well, it happened. I won $1000, got my painting on the cover and had an article written about my work in REED, a California Literary Journal. Hurray!

california marisa murrow

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Commission: Going to Miami

Ed, a California native, (now living in Miami) recently spotted a painting from my mobile home park series at his friend’s beach house in La Jolla. He was so excited, that he took it off the wall to find out who the artist was. Ed was looking for something similar to the piece “Holiday Weekend” on my website and decided to commission a painting and purchase a small study from another project I was working on. “Do what you do best” he told me. “I like the exaggerated palm trees, the shadows, the density of the neighborhood, the details, the cloudy sky, I just love, love, love your art” he said.

When I make my mobile home paintings, I am filled with intense joy.  I park my ego outside, get in the zone, stay curious and find myself endlessly challenged by this densely built environment juxtaposed with the sky and ocean beyond. I grew up on the coast, and consider myself a small town person living in a big city. At times, a little too trusting, but hey, that’s me.  Early on, my Father glanced at the work I was developing and said to me- “really Marisa, trailer parks? We sent you to the most prestigious art school in the country and you want to make paintings of trailer parks? And I said,  “That’s right Dad!”

I love the simplicity of the structures, consistent in size and materials. The sameness is what I personally identify with.  I was a uniformed, Catholic school girl until college and discovered at a very young age that we are all decorated differently on the inside.  The actual color of these homes and rooftops are a dull whitish color. I have taken great creative strides towards applying my own sense of color to evoke the neighborliness I feel these mobile home park communities possess. They are the last affordable frontier in Los Angeles and probably California. I love sharing this incredibly beautiful place and inspiring my collectors. Thank you so much Ed for hiring me to make this painting for you. I had a blast making it for you!





Commission: It’s a Good Morning

Commission complete! I met this collector and his colleagues of Riverstone Growth Partners, LLC at a Mobile Home Park Convention in Las Vegas over 5 years ago.  This June, Scott called and said, “We want you to make us a large painting of a mobile home park”. Below is the finished painting and all the steps leading up to the completion.




Oh my gosh, I match my art!




Based on our conversation, I sent Scott and Michelle these three options.


Painting table in the studio.


Sold this Compositional rendering to a collector in Miami (Ed).  Ed came across my work in a collector’s home in La Jolla and called to discuss his plans of hiring me to make a large painting for his home. I sent this study and a few others that were slightly similar to the one he liked in La Jolla. We both loved how the painting is unfinished on the edges. It suits the environment, a little frayed on the edges, natural, relaxed, and free from confinement.




Thank you so much Scott and Michelle for giving me this opportunity and for believing in my art! I enjoyed every minute of working on this project with you- Marisa MurrowIMG_7418

Bay Area Woody

I was commissioned to paint this vintage car from a classic car show in Pebble Beach recently. I had so much fun working on it! Here are some photos of the painting in progress. I love everything that has to do with transportation. How were get from here to there fascinates me. Tonight I walked past a hand painted Bentley in Culver City that was parked in the red. Fully loaded and they don’t care. Must be nice……..


31 Mobile Homes: Commission

I was contacted by Parkland Ventures, Manufactured Housing Communities to create 31 paintings to commemorate their 10th business anniversary. At first I thought to myself, 2 weeks to make 31 paintings…totally possible. Yikes!!

Staying up until 2am or 3am to finish projects at RISD is very familiar and I since I had been through it before…I was prepared to do it again. In order to stay on course, I made 3 paintings a day, that is after my side hustle as a floral designer.

Week 1: 15 completed Monday-Friday. Went to Silicon Valley for the weekend.  Got inspired at the Filoli Gardens and had a great time with a dear friend and her family.

Week 2: Monday afternoon I produced 3 more paintings and kept the pace throughout the week. Saturday -Sunday I picked up each painting and looked at them and asked “Do I like you? Are you inspiring? This was the internal dialogue I had with each piece of art until I got through adjusting all 31 paintings.

Just when I thought I could take a break, my friend saw the project and asked me to paint her trailer….and the following week, the view from her home in Malibu. (See below)

As I look at these paintings, I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment and self-worth. It fills me with so much happiness to make art every day.  Having the opportunity to inspire people through my art is complete bliss.

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IMG_6799 2.JPG


IMG_6843 2.JPG