Marin Hillside: Painting



I started this oil painting today. It is actually the 4th painting I made of this hillside. The first one I sold. The next two were  overworked. This one is coming out just right.

When I visited my cousins Mary Sue and Dale in Marin last August, they pointed to the hillside their home faces, and said “We would love to commission you to paint the hillside with the little church on it”. I was attracted to the idea that the houses are swallowing up the once vacant hillside, somehow dwarfing the importance of religion.

I love painting water- actually, almost every painting I make has water in it. There are about 100 homes on this hillside which makes it very challenging to design and paintIMG_8661


Escaping from the Urban Jungle


Weaving my way towards the edge of the hillside to enjoy a glass of wine, I feel relaxed just being surrounded by all this life! Can you believe this tropical paradise is in Los Angeles? I feel a million miles away from the urban jungle while I stay at a friends’ home and look over their property.



Shopping at 2nd hand stores is like a treasure hunt. I am completely open to whatever grabs my attention. Sometimes it is an interesting vase or a new book that catches my eye. Today, I walked away with this new pair of slacks, tags and all.