Picking Fruit in Palm Springs

 Happy Thanksgiving!  Enjoying to crisp desert air with family this holiday. Look  what I just picked outside; the trees are covered with lemons, oranges and grapefruit.

  Look at these beauties hanging over the pool.

  Looks like Hawaii, but we are in Palm Springs.My sister-in-law make the best salads!

 Inviting a friend over for a glass of wine with this picture.


Silly for Succulents


I made this; we are all silly for succulents in California! The colors and textures are really fascinating to see packed together, eventually this arrangement will be bursting out of its pot.


Cascading Orchids

Rightfully ready to inspire- I feel fancy just looking at this set up I made.



Flowers For A Broken Heart

My day job has its rewards: I get to make flowers for people who say nice things like this-

“Your greatest days are ahead of you. The love of your life, you haven’t met yet, he is waiting for you. Until then….I’ll be your man. Love, Dad.”




 Folding all my summer clothes and boxing them up. See you in the spring!  


New Work Nearby


I like these! Work by Lawren Harris is hanging at the Hammer right up the street from my studio.



Love to Hike

I had a wonderful morning hiking in Temescal Canyon. Here is a view from the trail.