RISD/LA is in full bloom this month!

20 lucky alumni gathered together to learn what the Art of Thank You means to RISD/LA Leader Marisa Murrow and Trustee Erica Di Bona at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. 

As guests arrived they were greeted with trays of ice water and Champagne in a sunny patio surrounded by fellow alumni. Liz Lanphear alumni co-leader, asked everyone to take their seats and spoke about the importance of participating in our RISD/LA community. She mentioned our event at the Haas Brother’s studio where Elie Glyn, Exhibition Designer at the Getty Center offered to host a private tour of his work at the Museum and how Sarah Russin, Director of LACE has attended countless RISD/LA events, hosted a BBQ at her home and lead an exhibition walk through at LACE with artists in the show present.  

Marisa, professional painter and floral designer of 20 years divulged her secrets of how to select, clean and prepare flower bouquets. Gathering together hot orange and yellow roses in her hands, Marisa admitted that flowers are frivolous and yet, they have a way of letting someone know they are appreciated, forming a bridge of connectivity and unexpected admiration between people. 

The queen of creative card writing, trustee Erica Di Bona, had us on the edge of our seats listening to all the amazing stories and relationships she has fostered by writing Thank You letters to people she wants to acknowledge. Her passion for letter writing grows out of her belief that we all seek to be seen and appreciated for who we are. 

 Pens, stationary and a parade of 3 tiered trays stuffed with currant scones, pastries and tea sandwiches were placed between each guest as we sat in a brightly lit, private room surrounded by large Andy Warhol Flower prints. The doors were opened to a harpist performing in the next room as guests sipped on tea and chatted about their experiences at RISD.

Our Art of Thank You was a terrific success! http://artofthankyou.com/

Because of Erica, I was inspired to write my RISD/LA partner a Thank you note… and she wrote one to me!