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Vermont Studio Center (Part 1)

As some of you may know, I received a residency at the Vermont Studio Center this summer for a month.  The day I arrived to the town of Johnson, Vermont (population: 3300) and stepped into my studio, the sun was pouring through the skylights. It was magnificent! I was in art heaven- The first two days, were HOT! I could barely think straight. Do you see the little fan on my table…it did not even feel like it was on-IMG_1457.jpg





My buddy Wei Lun Ha, who is a painter/architect from New Zealand, made me this vase and flowers. So sweet!



I picked handfuls of wildflowers on a daily basis. Would you blame me?

IMG_1351.JPGFirst 2 paintings in Vermont-

Before I flew back East, I spoke with my professor from RISD, Wendy Seller about preparing for a residency. She suggested that I consider challenging myself – “Take 2 colors” she told me. Say what? I thought…and that is exactly what I ended up working with.-This was sage advice coming from a woman who I deeply respect and who has travelled to Ireland 8 times to various residencies.


Early stages of experimenting-


The space is filling up! Amazing what happens when I get to make art all day & night!



I basically taught myself a whole new way of painting-pressing, rubbing and carving out flower forms, as if I was lifting them out of the darkness.

IMG_2021 2.JPG

_DSC8263 2.jpg



Oil on panel-thank you buddy, Edwardo Cabrer from Puerto Rico for giving me this surface! It was exciting to work on a larger scale.



For our second open studio night, I went forging (a new word I learned from Canadian friend/photographer, Lisa Graves) and made these leaf wrapped drinking glasses with green stuff growing alongside the river.

Thank you:  Parents for my education, especially RISD (You have no idea how much I loved every minute of being there) and for believing in me-

Hank and Beverly Murrow-Thank you for my artist stipend and all of your support. Love you!!! Check out my uncle’s beautiful pottery he makes in both Eugene, Oregon and Japan. http://www.murrow.biz/hank/hankweb-all/page1.htm

Erica di Bona- Thank you to the thank you queen herself! I sincerely love everything you are and do-You are a true inspiration, fashionista, go-getter, my collector, brilliant writer and what can I say, you get the job done!  Go to her blog now:  http://artofthankyou.com/

Jay Coogan- Thank you for your support and conversation! The next time you are in Los Angeles, I would love to see you-

Wendy Seller- You taught me how to mix paint! I am so grateful for hearing from you after all these years-you are an amazing artist and person! http://wendyseller.com/

Visiting Artists- Ellen Harvey, John Gibbons, Susie Ganch and Odili Odita-

Thank you so much for stepping away from your own careers and immersing in ours!  You are all so inspiring! I truly appreciate the time we spent talking about my art.  Your feedback helped me make the breakthrough I was ready to have!

Check out their art here:

http://www.ellenharvey.info                http://rbs.org.uk/artists/johngibbons   http://susieganch.com/home.html       http://www.odilidonaldodita.com/


Oregon: The Real Deal

One of my favorite things to do is visit my Aunt and Uncle in Oregon. When I was 10 years old, I got on a plane by myself to see them. I remember picking blackberries, digging in their vegetable garden, walking along the river, inhaling fresh air, looking out the window at miles of the open space all around us and the gentle people I continue to meet. Here are some photos of my most recent trip: end of May 2017

Wine tasting

Teatime on the terrace

My uncle’s pot

House cat: Shino, named after a glaze my uncle invented

Heavenly shrimp pizza on imported sourdough crust from Crete, Greece

Garden roses

Huntington Gardens Staycation

IMG_8787 IMG_8757 IMG_8753 IMG_8748 IMG_8672 IMG_8712 IMG_8676 IMG_8726IMG_8732

I arrived at 10:30am Sunday morning to meet my friend Kate for a stroll through LA’s cherished Huntington Gardens. After walking for 3 hours we rested our legs on a bench near the famed, Huntington Gardens Tea Room. Curious to see if we could get in, I dashed inside the air conditioned cottage and discovered they had one table available. Minutes later we were soaking in Rose Tea overlooking the elegant rose garden. We indulged in clotted cream and homemade jams smothered on fresh baked scones, smoked salmon sandwiches, roasted chicken salad, fresh berries, fruit tarts and chocolate mouse. After our 2 hour teatime we wandered through the Asian gardens until a guard gently warned us the gardens would be closing soon. I felt like I was a thousand miles away from home. There is something to be said- Go on a Staycation! Treat yourself to just one day-