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Studio Visit

My niece and nephew came over to make Valentines at my studio the other day. We had a great time! I taught Liliana how to curl ribbon with scissors while Vaughn twirled around us dressed in the ribbon and feathers he discovered on my shelves. Next time we are going to paint, maybe when they are older I will teach them about Jackson Pollack!


Oregon: The Real Deal

One of my favorite things to do is visit my Aunt and Uncle in Oregon. When I was 10 years old, I got on a plane by myself to see them. I remember picking blackberries, digging in their vegetable garden, walking along the river, inhaling fresh air, looking out the window at miles of the open space all around us and the gentle people I continue to meet. Here are some photos of my most recent trip: end of May 2017

Wine tasting

Teatime on the terrace

My uncle’s pot

House cat: Shino, named after a glaze my uncle invented

Heavenly shrimp pizza on imported sourdough crust from Crete, Greece

Garden roses


 My happy place: hiking in the hills.  I am a true nature lover at heart. I took this photo yesterday as the sun was setting and we were heading back to the car after a long hike-



My niece Liliana, the paining I made of her when she was four and her birthday flowers. Then, her brother Vaughn aka Luke Skywalker joined in the photo too-


Mapplethorpe Monday

I have a new appreciation for these flowers. All by themselves, they are like my LA version of snow.