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Oregon: The Real Deal

One of my favorite things to do is visit my Aunt and Uncle in Oregon. When I was 10 years old, I got on a plane by myself to see them. I remember picking blackberries, digging in their vegetable garden, walking along the river, inhaling fresh air, looking out the window at miles of the open space all around us and the gentle people I continue to meet. Here are some photos of my most recent trip: end of May 2017

Wine tasting

Teatime on the terrace

My uncle’s pot

House cat: Shino, named after a glaze my uncle invented

Heavenly shrimp pizza on imported sourdough crust from Crete, Greece

Garden roses


Purple Rain

Yes, I know the purple is too purple-Really feeling the Purple Rain today.  I miss our out of the media wizard-Prince. Did you know he changed his name to a symbol to avoid power grabbing from the Music Industry? I recently watched a fascinating film titled: Thirty Seconds to Mars-w/ Jared Leto-about how toxic the music industry is. I thought the Art World was corrupt-anyway, I made these flowers for a client’s birthday party at g. Baldi in Beverly Hills with a painting in process in the background-


Gordes Market Day and Van Gogh



Breathtaking views and brilliant countryside flavors


He told me he loves picking flowers too-Vincent Van Gogh Asylum, St. Remy, FranceIMG_1674


I love this painting by Van Gogh! As part of my New Year’s challenge, I set out to read a book each month. So far I have completed 7 and one is in progress. A little short on my goal, who’s counting-IMG_1686 IMG_1696 IMG_1733

Ah the light! There is something very special about the light in Provence. I took this photo on the Asylum grounds, which in itself is timeless.