RISD/LA Event at the Getty Center





Dinner time!



Liz and I hosted a RISD/LA event at the Getty Center this month with Exhibition Designer Elie Glyn. We met underneath the outdoor pergola for some refreshments while people arrived. Then Elie lead us into the museum where we were equipped with an earpiece to hear Elie’s lecture. Then he took us through a long corridor to his office which functions as both a Graphic Design and Exhibition Design studio.  After about 20 minutes exploring that space we went to view the exhibition itself: Power and Pathos. Elie gave an exciting behind the scenes look at what goes into preparing a gallery space for people to view artwork, in this case ancient sculptures. The tour was followed by a 3 course prix fixe dinner at the Museum’s fine dining restaurant. As I looked across the tables I was filled with joy watching people excitably talk about their experiences at RISD, their own projects and the experiences they have had. Check out the Write up about the event I planned with Liz Lanphear at the Getty Center this summer for our RISD/LA Alumni-



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