Huntington Gardens Staycation

IMG_8787 IMG_8757 IMG_8753 IMG_8748 IMG_8672 IMG_8712 IMG_8676 IMG_8726IMG_8732

I arrived at 10:30am Sunday morning to meet my friend Kate for a stroll through LA’s cherished Huntington Gardens. After walking for 3 hours we rested our legs on a bench near the famed, Huntington Gardens Tea Room. Curious to see if we could get in, I dashed inside the air conditioned cottage and discovered they had one table available. Minutes later we were soaking in Rose Tea overlooking the elegant rose garden. We indulged in clotted cream and homemade jams smothered on fresh baked scones, smoked salmon sandwiches, roasted chicken salad, fresh berries, fruit tarts and chocolate mouse. After our 2 hour teatime we wandered through the Asian gardens until a guard gently warned us the gardens would be closing soon. I felt like I was a thousand miles away from home. There is something to be said- Go on a Staycation! Treat yourself to just one day-


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